Xtalks Webinar

Neoantigens for Personalized Cancer Vaccines-Comprehensive Identification and Effective Selection

Developing effective personalized cancer vaccines depends on comprehensively detecting all neoantigens in a tumor sample and then selecting the neoantigens that are most likely to be effective in an individual patient.   This process, especially under the timeline demands of clinical trials or commercial vaccine development, can be incredibly complex. Gaps in sequencing coverage found in standard exome and transcriptome assays can lead to missed neoantigens, and filtering neoantigens often requires incorporating data across multiple assays to make an informed decision.

Personalis developed the ACE ImmunoID platform to overcome these challenges. ACE ImmunoID combines augmented exome and transcriptome assays with advanced bioinformatics to both comprehensively identify neoantigens and provide accurate analytics to help inform the selection of candidate neoantigens.

Topics to be discussed during this webinar will include: 

  • Technical overview of ACE ImmunoID including augmentation and validation
  • Review of bioinformatics deliverables and analytical modules including HLA Typing, Similarity-to-Self, Similarity-to-Known-Antigens, and Tumor Immunogenomics
  • Case study demonstrating ACE ImmunoID’s further utility in biomarker discovery through identifying methods of tumor escape in patients treated with checkpoint modulators
  • Best practices for designing rapid, patient-centric processes for vaccine clinical trials including optimizing sample preparation and integrating lab automation