Xtalks: Overcoming the Challenges of Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Discovery: From Sample to Analytics

Webinar – On Demand

Erin Newburn, MS, PhD
Associate Director, Field Application Scientist

Only 20% of patients respond to cancer immunotherapies and determining which patients will respond to which treatment options relies on the identification of predictive biomarkers.

Immuno-oncology biomarkers such as tumor mutational burden (TMB) or PD-L1 expression are promising, but have demonstrated limited predictive utility. Identifying more robust predictors of patient response to cancer immunotherapy may depend on finding the right combination of biomarkers—but few platforms support multi-dimensional biomarker analysis.

Personalis ACE ImmunoID™ is a combined whole exome and transcriptome platform, with analytics that elucidate the tumor and its microenvironment to accelerate biomarker discovery. The platform is based on Personalis’ patented Accuracy and Content Enhanced (ACE) Technology, which features augmentation of sequencing gaps in regions missed by standard exome assays, ensuring more comprehensive variant capture (SNVs, indels, fusions).

In this webinar, our featured speaker will discuss how the ACE ImmunoID platform can help to overcome obstacles of immuno-oncology biomarker discovery. Topics include:

  • Generating high quality data when working with limited sample material or degraded or archival specimens
  • Decreasing the risk of missing potential targets with comprehensive assays
  • Going beyond PD-L1 and TMB to complex immuno-oncology biomarkers and signatures
  • A case study demonstrating the platform’s ability to identify tumor escape mechanisms