In recent years, the declining cost of NGS has resulted in the increased use of broad genomic characterization approaches, including whole genome sequencing (WGS), for various research applications. This cost reduction has coincided with researchers’ need for more comprehensive molecular information in the disease areas of cardiology, endocrinology, rare disease, autoimmunity, and ever-increasingly, cancer. WGS is an attractive option for many researchers due to its ability to provide insights into non-coding variation as well as it’s unrivaled resolution of genome-wide structural variation, the impact of which is becoming more pronounced in many disease states, especially cancer.

Personalis is one of the largest processors of human whole genome sequences in the world today and is your ideal partner for any WGS project across multiple disease areas.

Technical Details
Genes coveredAll coding and non-coding regions
Sequencing informationStandard configuration: 30X or 60X
Read length: 2×150bp
Instrumentation: Illumina NovaSeq
Cancer analysis configurationPaired tumor/normal or tumor only