Enabling the Expansive Interrogation of a Tumor & Its Microenvironment from a Single Sample for Precision Oncology Biomarker Discovery Applications


Wednesday, MAY 20 | 9:00 AM PST | 5:00 PM BST 

Robert Power

Robert Power, MS
Manager, Product Management
Personalis, Inc.

  • While the success of checkpoint blockade has been hugely promising, it’s increasingly apparent that predicting response to immunotherapies and developing new ones requires a more comprehensive approach to tumor immunogenomic profiling.
  • The traditional means of generating information relating to multiple biomarkers involves the use of several assay technologies from various sources, which can be both impractical, given the often limited quantity of tumor samples and the complexities associated with the integration and interpretation of disparate reporting formats, and prohibitively costly.
  • In this presentation, we’ll present our solution to these barriers, ImmunoID NeXT™, a universal cancer immunogenomics platform that consolidates multiple biomarker assays into one, providing a multidimensional view of the tumor and its microenvironment from a single sample.