Personalis Awarded US Department of Veterans Affairs Contract for Clinical Cancer Genomic Testing and Research Analysis

Menlo Park, CA – March 19, 2015 – Personalis, Inc., a leading genomics-based clinical diagnostic laboratory, announced today that the company has been awarded a contract to provide research and clinical genomic testing for cancer tumors and biopsies, by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) New England Veterans Integrated Service Network 1 (VISN 1) Precision Oncology Program.

Personalis will perform clinical cancer testing and research services based on its ACE Extended Cancer Panel for DNA and RNA Analysis. This provides comprehensive and detailed genomic profiling of solid tumors and identification of potential targeted treatment options for VA New England Healthcare System patients. By combining DNA and RNA analysis, and covering over 1,500 genes, Personalis’ testing provides comprehensive data for both clinical testing and ongoing research use at the VA. To further support the VISN 1 Precision Oncology Program and its research goals, Personalis is also providing its ACE Exome for Cancer Research and its ACE Whole Transcriptome for Cancer Research, again pairing DNA with RNA analysis. Personalis will process this sequencing data using its proprietary cancer informatics pipeline. Personalis has also subcontracted N-of-One, Inc, to augment clinical reporting with additional curation. The program plans to begin with samples from Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer patients, and later expand to other cancer types.

This is Personalis’ fourth contract for sequencing and analysis from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the second for clinical analysis of patient samples. The VA New England Healthcare System is using genomic information to improve health care for veterans. Personalis was previously awarded contracts for the VA’s Million Veteran Program, launched in 2011, a landmark research effort aimed at better understanding how genetic variations affect health – building one of the world’s largest medical databases through safe collection of blood samples, genetic analysis and health information from one million Veteran volunteers.

John West, President and CEO of Personalis said: “We are extremely pleased to continue our relationship with the VA and support the VA’s leadership using genomics to improve veterans’ medical care.”


About Personalis, Inc.

Personalis, Inc. ( is a leading precision medicine company focused on advanced NGS-based clinical diagnostic, clinical trial and research services for cancer and inherited genetic disease.  Personalis also provides DNA sequencing and data analysis of human genomes.

The Personalis ACE Exome and Transcriptome technology is designed to obtain the most comprehensive and accurate tumor molecular profile for immuno-oncology applications. The company’s clinical laboratory is GCP compliant, CLIA licensed and CAP accredited.

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