Powered by our ACE Technology, our DNA Assays provide more uniform coverage at high depths than standard assays.

Specifically, our ACE-enabled assays outperform conventional exome assays by enhances coverage across coding regions and supplementing more complex areas in the genomic architecture such as GC-rich content.

The Personalis solution  provides targeted sequencing to augment coverage gaps present in typical exomes. For example, in a paper published by van Buuren et al. in OncoImmunology, the PRDX5 gene is reported to harbor variants that result in immunogenic epitopes, the part of an antigen recognized by the immune system. Figure 1 highlights superior, uniform coverage of exonic regions with the ACE-enabled exome (green plus blue) compared to the most widely used standard exome (blue) for clinical and translational research. Variants residing in green regions (red rectangles) would be missed with a standard exome platform.

Figure 1: Coverage of the PRDX5 gene by the ACE Assay.