Tri-Omics Summit USA, September 28-29


Erin Newburn, PhD

Erin Newburn, PhD
Sr. Director, Field Applications Scientist
Personalis, Inc.

Wednesday, September 28 | 1:00 PM EDT

Technology Spotlight: NeXT Personal: NeXT Generation MRD Testing for Solid Tumors

  • While circulating tumor-derived DNA (ctDNA) is an emerging biomarker for many cancers, the limited sensitivity of current detection methods reduces its utility for diagnosing molecular residual disease (MRD) across a variety of clinical applications..
  • NeXT Personal leverages tumor/normal whole genome sequencing (WGS) to design personalized, targeted MRD liquid biopsy panels for each patient. The MRD portion of the panel is composed of up to 1800 somatic tumor variants, enabling higher sensitivity MRD detection in plasma through tracking of high quality and lower noise variants.
  • The high sensitivity of NeXT Personal potentially enables MRD detection across a broad variety of cancers and stages, including typically challenging early stage, low mutational burden, and low shedding cancers.

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