Simplifying genomic operations and data analysis

  • Enterprise-scale platform for project management  oversight across multiple trials

  • Project, Job, and Sample-level drill down for real-time status

  • Locks down content, including assays and pipeline versions

Genomics in clinical trials and biomarker discovery

You need to execute multiple clinical programs, each with different next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays, different informatics pipelines, and different reporting needs— and be able to lock down all of these components for the duration of each trial. In many genomics labs, managing this complexity means toggling between various, isolated systems and performing manual updates. These manual updates can result in time delays as well as quality issues introduced through human error.

Symphony decreases the potential for these delays and errors by unifying LIMS, databases, and pipelines on one platform to simplify your processes and ensure compliance.

Control and visibility over your projects

Every sample is precious, and tracking a sample’s progress from receipt through data delivery can sometimes be a black box. Symphony’s project management dashboard makes it easy for your project lead to assess the status of any sample, as well as provide oversight of samples across entire programs in real time.

Quick turnaround

Clinical trials demand fast turnaround. Our teams work with you to program custom workflows and notifications designed around your specifications and trial needs. The result? We’re able to handle your samples in the timeframes you need, even when scaling to massive volumes.

About the Symphony Genomics Workflow Management System

Symphony links LIMS, pipelines, and databases in one place for easier management of genomic lab operations and bioinformatics pipelines.

Project management

By connecting these systems on one platform, Personalis project managers can easily monitor your projects to quickly resolve and troubleshoot issues, and communicate these to you in a timely manner. The result? Projects that stay on track, scale easily, and close on time.

Reporting and Informatics

Symphony reports and custom-built to meet your needs. Our bioinformatics team will work with you to understand your research objectives and develop reports that make it easy to view the data you need.

Additionally, Symphony is fully traceable, allowing us to lock in assays and content for each trial, and can easily accommodate re-analysis on new pipeline versions if needed.