Dan Norton
Associate Director, Product Management

Personalis Earns Top Spot in The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations of 2022

On December 12, Personalis announced that its personalized cancer assay, NeXT Personal®, earned the top spot on The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations of 2022 list, which highlights instruments, assays, technologies, and techniques for the life sciences. When the list was started in 2008, the top entry was low-cost DNA sequencing, and over the years has included technologies leveraging CRISPR, iPS cells, super-resolution microscopy, and rapid COVID testing. This shows the broad range considered when assembling and ranking each year’s list, and the impact of the innovations they have highlighted.

“This recognition by The Scientist reflects the tremendous promise of NeXT Personal to be the most effective platform for actively managing cancer over the long-term,” said John West, CEO of Personalis. “Our personalized testing has the potential to detect cancer recurrence sooner than any other offering today. And, during treatment, it can help answer the question: has the cancer changed in some way, and if so, is there a more effective therapy? Ultimately, with NeXT Personal, we believe cancer can be managed with less uncertainty and with better outcomes.”

Launched in December 2021, NeXT Personal is a next-generation, tumor-informed liquid biopsy assay designed to help patients who have previously been diagnosed with cancer by detecting and quantifying both residual and recurrent cancer cells. NeXT Personal delivers industry-leading MRD sensitivity in the 1 part-per-million range, an approximately 10- to 100-fold improvement over previous technologies. This advancement may enable earlier detection of recurrence across a broader variety of cancers, including typically challenging early-stage, low-mutational burden, and low-shedding cancers, such as breast and prostate cancers.

Personalis has previously announced a number of collaborations that are utilizing NeXT Personal including with UCSF, Duke, and BC Cancer.

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“This year’s crop of winning products features many with a clinical focus and others that represent significant advances in sequencing, single-cell analysis, and more.” – from The Scientist