Our CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory operates 7 days a week and is one of the largest sequencing centers in the U.S. today with a capacity to sequence >100,000 human whole genome/exome scale samples per year. Our lab boasts the latest in technology to ensure high quality data delivery and rapid timelines, including:

Sequencing Instrumentation

  • Multiple Illumina NovaSeq instruments
  • Capacity to generate 30 Tbp/day

Automation for efficient scale up

  • Automated NGS workstations
  • Integrated software systems for sample and data management (Symphony)

High-performance computing and data storage

  • HPC system with >10.5 PB data storage capacity
  • 10 Gbps internet connection for data delivery
  • Secure data center with robust recovery capabilities

Our clinical laboratory holds additional state accreditations as required and employs a comprehensive quality system.