Comprehensive Profiling of the Immune Repertoire within the Tumor Microenvironment

RepertoireID, an analytics module of ImmunoID NeXT™, leverages RNA expression profiles to enable the detection and analysis of the top TCRα and TCRβ clonotypes, together with BCR heavy chain (BCRh) clonotypes found in the tumor microenvironment (TME) of patients’ tumors. Additionally, RepertoireID also characterizes the isotype composition of BCRs (secreted form mature B cells as antibodies) within the TME. This analysis is included due to its importance in carrying various effector functions that are crucial for a host’s overall immune response against tumors. Ultra-deep RNA sequencing data derived from the NeXT Transcriptome™ facilitates the detailed profiling of the top BCR and TCR clonotypes present within a tumor sample. RepertoireID analytics module provides a report with key metrics and plots such as:

  • Clonality
  • CDR3 nucleotide and amino acid sequences
  • Clonotype quantitation, distribution and frequency
  • V, D and J gene segment usage
  • CDR3 nucleotide sequence length
  • Isotype composition and isotype-specific CDR3 clonal frequencies for BCRs