Our CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified Laboratory is equipped with robots for efficient scale up, our custom Genomics Workflow Management System, Symphony, and the latest technology including Illumina NovaSeq Instruments to ensure your projects are delivered with reliable high quality and rapid timelines.

  1. Arrival: ACE ImmunoID requires paired tumor/normal analysis. The moment samples arrive at our CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory, the samples given a unique sample ID and are tracked in LIMS and Symphony.
  2. Sample sparing preparation: Our laboratory staff bring a wealth of operational expertise, allowing us to hone our sample sparing methods.
  3. Quality review: Prior to sequencing, samples undergo robust QC assessment.
  4. Sequencing: The ACE ImmunoID ACE Cancer Exome and ACE Cancer Transcriptome assays run simultaneously to streamline processes and save time.
  5. Analysis: Data is then run on our somatic variant pipeline for standard data deliverables. Additional analytics provided through NeonatigenID and ImmunogenomicsID can be included based on your research and project needs.
  6. FAS Support: Upon data delivery, your dedicated Field Application Scientist is available to walk through the data with you to answer any questions, and follow up with our scientific team as needed.