Provider FAQs

The NeXT Dx Test is a laboratory developed test performed at Personalis’ CAP-accredited and CLIA’88- certified laboratory. It is intended for profiling a solid tumor’s genomic and molecular characteristics using clinical-grade, next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to report small nucleotide variants (SNVs), small insertions and deletions (indels), copy number alterations (CNAs), and fusions in up to 247 cancer related genes. Additionally, MSI and exome-wide “true” TMB is reported by leveraging the exome-wide analysis of non-synonymous small variants (SNVs and indels both).

The NeXT Dx Test helps identify potential therapies (targeted and immuno-therapies) and clinical trial options for cancer patients based on the tumor molecular profile.

A list of genes tested is located at this link.

Any patient with a solid tumor including sarcoma is eligible for the NeXT Dx Test.

The NeXT Dx Test is validated for solid tumor FFPE samples. Unacceptable specimens include hematolymphoid malignancies or decalcified bone. Additionally, samples from patients living in New York State are not acceptable at this time.

The required tumor content for the NeXT Dx Test is 20% or greater. Please note that CNAs can only be reported for samples with 30% or greater tumor content.

The NeXT Dx Test utilizes DNA and RNA isolated from patient’s tumor tissue to perform whole exome and transcriptome analysis respectively. The clinical report includes SNVs, indels, CNAs, MSI and TMB results derived from DNA analysis and fusion results derived from RNA analysis.

A PDF report will be emailed to the authorized healthcare provider.

For ordering inquiry please contact Personalis at [email protected].