ACE CancerPlus™ Test

The Personalis ACE CancerPlus™ Test* is a comprehensive genomic testing solution that provides physicians a clinical report on the genetic alterations found in cancer genes of medical importance. We use our proprietary ACE Technology platform to provide high accuracy, clinical-grade next-generation sequencing and analysis to identify base substitutions, insertions/deletions (indels), copy number alterations (CNAs) and gene fusions.


Clinically Actionable
Genes Evaluated


With DNA + RNA


Genes Evaluated
for Copy Number

Increasingly, oncologists and pathologists are utilizing information on genomic alterations in solid tumors to help guide and optimize therapeutic options for patients. The Personalis ACE CancerPlus Test provides clinicians with a comprehensive and accurate next-generation sequencing-based testing solution for solid tumors.

Results Unique to You

With the ACE CancerPlus Test, you receive genetic results that are unique to your cancer. These results cover all genes known to be relevant in human solid tumors, and provide more potential treatment options than other limited tests

Next Generation Cancer Care

Personalis provides doctors with clinically-focused cancer tests and results that maximize the chance of identifying a therapy or trial for each patient.

  • Improved detection of alterations in difficult-to-sequence regions of clinically important genes through proprietary methods for improved sequencing coverage.
  • Maximized likelihood of detecting novel fusions in genes such as ALK, as well as splice variants such as those associated with MET exon 14 skipping through proprietary design and analysis of both DNA and RNA from samples
of SNVs,
Indels, Fusions
and CNVs
Personalis delivers variant calls through: advanced sequencing alignment tools, an improved reference genome, sophisticated algorithms, and knowledge of systematic biases inherent in sequencing technologies.
We base each analysis on the latest approved therapies and clinical trials identified in My Cancer Genome and in
and Actionable
Each variant is reviewed in detail by Personalis’ clinical team to assess which variants are causally related to the clinical presentation. Results are presented in a clear, intuitive report so healthcare providers can rapidly understand and assess the results
Highest Levels
of Gene
The ACE Technology provides additional targeted sequencing to fill in the gaps and address problematic regions not adequately addressed by standard panels.
The ACE CancerPlus Test report describes clinically important genomic alterations alongside potentially relevant therapies and clinical trials. Results are based on My Cancer Genome and, which are continuously updated as new therapies or trials are identified.

Clinical Reports for Today, Data for the Future

For patients who are consented under research protocol, Personalis can also provide genomic alterations and expression data for over 1,400 cancer genes. The most advanced of its kind, the ACE CancerPlus Test includes a core set of clinically-reportable genes, all genes in the Cancer Gene Census, genes from TCGA reports, those within canonical cancer pathways proposed by Vogelstein et al., (Science, Mar 29 2013) and other leading academic groups, as well as important pharmacogenomic genes.

When to Order the ACE CancerPlus Test with Research Data

The ACE CancerPlus Test is for analysis of solid tumors. The results are returned as a clinical report to the ordering physician and, if the patients are consented under a research protocol, full research data from the extended panel can be returned. Turn-around time is approximately three weeks from sample receipt.

Cancer Panel Sequencing Consultation

If you would like assistance in determining if the ACE CancerPlus Test with Research Data is appropriate for your patient, you may contact us by calling 650-752-1349, or by emailing us at  Please use a secure email system if transmitting any protected health information (PHI).

*Currently only available in the United States.