What is the NeXT Dx™ Test?

The Personalis NeXT Dx™ Test is a comprehensive genomic testing solution that enables physicians to identify potential targeted and/or immunotherapy options, evidence of drug resistance and clinical trial options for patients with solid tumors.

  • The test profiles ~20,000 genes
  • Whole-exome and transcriptome analysis
  • Genomic alterations reported in up to 247 cancer-related genes
    • SNVs, indels, CNAs from DNA and fusions from RNA
  • Additional biomarkers results reported: MSI, Exome-wide TMB
  • Test performed at CAP-CLIA certified laboratory

Unique to the NeXT Dx™ Test

Product Features

ACE Technology

Achieve enhanced coverage and uniformity across exome

ACE Technology provides augmented coverage of difficult-to-sequence gene regions across the entire exome.


Genes sequenced at ~300x
• 74.8 Mb total footprint
• Covers all genes, noncoding introns/exons, promoters, splice sides, UTRs


Cancer-related genes sequenced at ≥1000x
•  Gene List

•  >99% specificity for all variant types; 99.5% sensitivity for SNVs at ≥ 5% AF; 98.7% sensitivity for indels at ≥ 10% AF; 97.2% sensitivity for CNAs in samples with ≥ 30%


Analysis for enhanced fusion detection

Sensitivity for the fusion detection is 94.9%

True TMB from Exome

& MSI for immunotherapy decisions

Exome-wide TMB is the gold standard (Merino et al., Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 2020) and is not extrapolated from 247 genes

How Does It Work?

1. Order the
NeXT Dx Test

Fill in test
requisition form

2. Ship Samples

To Personalis

3. Receive Report

Within 2-3 weeks
of sample receipt

4. Take Action

Discuss treatment
options with patients

Next-generation Cancer Care: Results Unique to Your Patient

Personalis provides clinicians with clinically-focused cancer test results that maximize the chance of identifying an approved therapy or trial for each patient as well as information that can support the identification of new, advanced biomarkers. These results are unique to the patient’s tumor, cover cancer genes known to be relevant in oncogenesis, and provide more potential treatment options than other limited tests.

For ordering inquiry please contact Personalis at clinical@personalis.com. The NeXT Dx Test is available to order in the US (except NY state), Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

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