Accelerate Your Population Genomics Studies

Population genomics research initiatives lead to improved health care for patients with complex and rare inherited diseases, as well as cancer, and have the potential to provide real economic benefit to participating nations.

As a global leader in genomic sequencing and comprehensive analytics services, Personalis is uniquely suited to lead these population-scale efforts. Operating one of the largest genomics and analytics labs in the U.S., we provide genomic solutions spanning from translational research to clinical applications for more than 100 pharma customers worldwide, as well as whole genome sequencing (WGS) for the U.S. Veterans Health Administration. Personalis delivers high quality, factory-scale sequencing to help your program navigate the journey of enabling precision health in your population. Currently, we are also in the process of expanding business operations internationally.

With the help of our world-class scientists, engineers, bioinformaticians, and project managers, we are committed to helping our partners achieve their study goals. Sharing in our expertise in sample management, extraction, sequencing, analytics, computation, and storage, along with data sharing and security, our partners can expect the utmost level of support and guidance to accelerate their population studies.

Personalis has strong relationships with top pharma companies using our ImmunoID NeXT Platform for oncology applications. Our dedicated population genomics team with pharmaceutical partnering experience can help foster research relationships and drug discovery partnerships to benefit patients from your cohorts in the future.

Proven Leadership Team

Proven Leadership Team

  • Track record of establishing companies in NGS space
  • Population genomics experience since 2012
  • World-leading scientific advisory board with extensive background in precision medicine

Scientific Innovation

Scientific Innovation

  • Pioneering sequencing technology and analysis
  • Advanced product portfolio to support Population Genomics
  • Oncology expertise
  • Future-proofing via additional technologies and capabilities

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

  • Capacity to sequence >100,000 samples per year
  • Optimized workflow and automation
  • Sophisticated data analytics, storage, and security
  • Regulatory compliance

Choosing Personalis as Your Population Genomics Partner

Explore our vast sequencing capabilities and services, as well as our experience with a proven track record of scalability and efficiency:

We provide genomics for precision medicine and value-added services for more than 100 customers globally spanning from pharma and biotech to cancer centers and database-building programs.

Currently, we are the exclusive whole genome sequencing partner to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Million Veteran Program (VA MVP). The goal of this national research program is to understand how genes, lifestyle, and military exposures affect health and illness with a focus on both common health conditions, as well as conditions specific to veterans. There are more than 60 actively recruiting sites for this program, which aims to recruit two million volunteer veterans.

To date, Personalis has sequenced and returned WGS data for over 125,000 of these samples. In 2020 alone, we sequenced 50,000 samples demonstrating our ability to scale as projects grow.

Our CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory operates 7 days a week and is one of the largest sequencing centers in the U.S. today with a capacity to sequence >100,000 human whole genome/exome scale samples per year. Our lab boasts the latest in technology to ensure high quality data delivery and rapid timelines, including:

Sequencing Instrumentation

  • Multiple Illumina NovaSeq instruments
  • Capacity to generate 30 Tbp/day

Automation for efficient scale up

  • Automated NGS workstations
  • Integrated software systems for sample and data management (Symphony)

High-performance computing and data storage

  • HPC system with >10.5 PB data storage capacity
  • 10 Gbps internet connection for data delivery
  • Secure data center with robust recovery capabilities

Our clinical laboratory holds additional state accreditations as required and employs a comprehensive quality system.

We provide a broad menu of genomic assays run in our high throughput laboratory that includes whole genome, exome, and transcriptome sequencing. Through this extensive portfolio of sequencing services, we can future-proof population genomics studies and pave the way for subsequent clinical applications and diagnostics.

Furthermore, through the Personalis NeXT Platform™, we provide the most extensive molecular view of a patient’s tumor and characterize its interplay with the immune system to enable the identification of next-generation composite biomarkers: bringing the revolutionary potential of precision medicine to more cancer patients.

The table below lists a number of Personalis solutions for application in population genomics and complex and rare diseases, as well as oncology:

Personalis Solutions
Population Genomics/Complex & Rare Disease applicationsOncology applications – Translational & Diagnostic
Whole genome sequencing (including cancer)ImmunoID NeXT
Whole exome sequencingNeXT Liquid Biopsy
Whole transcriptome sequencingNeXT Dx Test

Having achieved a high degree of scale in our California headquarters, we are poised to expand internationally and set up operations outside of the United States. In June of 2020, we announced a partnership with Berry Genomics (headquartered in Beijing) to expand our operations into the People’s Republic of China and form a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai. The expansion includes:

  • Building out a laboratory operation for local customers to use our ImmunoID NeXT Platform®
  • Establishing a commercial team to support local customers
  • Setting up general and administrative functions

Leveraging our experience in building a lab abroad, we are confident in our ability to establish laboratory operations anywhere in the world.