Pharma Research Solutions

Comprehensive genomics for drug discovery and preclinical development

Genomic Insights for Optimizing Drug Development

With our Pharma Research Services portfolio of broad-content next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays and analytics, we can comprehensively address the needs of biopharmaceutical companies who wish to integrate high quality and high-accuracy genomic and/or transcriptomic analyses to drive drug development at the discovery and preclinical research stages across a range of therapeutic programs and disease areas.

Our research assays and bioinformatics capabilities can be utilized for numerous applications that are critical in the early drug discovery and development process such as the identification of novel drug targets and the generation of deeper insights into drug candidates’ mechanism of action and associated resistance mechanisms. These solutions are not only cost-effective, but can also facilitate the processing of large-scale projects in a high throughput and reliable manner and can be used for the profiling of both human and animal models.