Personalis Sponsored Symposia at SITC 2020 Annual Meeting


Erin Newburn, MS, PhD
Director, Field Application Scientist
Personalis, Inc.

Thursday, November 12 | 12:30 PM EST 

Maximizing Immunotherapy Biomarker Discovery with Multidimensional Tumor Immunogenomics Platform

A multidimensional biomarker approach to cancer immunotherapy has emerged as the search continues to accurately predict clinical response and limit adverse events to treatment.  Within these efforts, insight into the complex and dynamic interactions between the tumor and immune cells of the microenvironment is essential.  Purpose built for precision oncology, the ImmunoID NeXT platform can be used to investigate key areas of tumor biology; from elucidating mechanisms of tumor escape and detecting neoantigens, to identifying novel biomarker signatures and characterizing the immune repertoire. Built upon the proprietary ACE chemistry, ImmunoID NeXT provides enhanced exome and transcriptome sequencing that has been analytically validated to enable high sensitivity and specificity for variant detection.

In this presentation, we’ll discuss the current challenges facing investigators in immuno-oncology translational research including maximizing data generation from a single sample and the analysis of complex data.  A recent case study from a cohort of metastatic melanoma patients treated with immune checkpoint blockade demonstrates the analytical capabilities provided by this immunogenomic profiling solution for understanding mechanisms of tumor evasion and creating composite biomarkers. Additionally, we’ll introduce NeXT Liquid Biopsy, an exome-wide liquid biopsy approach combined with ImmunoID NeXT™, to further explore critical areas of tumor biology. Using this comprehensive approach, genomic data of the highest quality and accuracy can help drive immuno-oncology clinical and biomarker discovery programs, thus enabling the rational design and development of effective cancer immunotherapies.