Personalis Launches ACE ImmunoID NGS Services for Immuno-Oncology

Menlo Park, CA and Baltimore, MD | October 8, 2015 – Personalis, Inc., a leading genomics-based service provider, today announced it is expanding its services to immuno-oncology research and clinical trials with its ACE ImmunoID product. ACE ImmunoID is based on the Personalis ACE (Accuracy and Content Enhanced) sequencing, informatics and content technology platform. “Immuno-oncology therapies are tremendously promising, but understanding which biomarkers modulate response to treatment is the next crucial step. Our ACE ImmunoID assays, optimized and validated for cancer, are ideal for immuno-oncology studies that require broad neoantigen detection and gene expression analysis to complement DNA variant analysis,” says Dr. Richard Chen, Chief Scientific Officer of Personalis. Scientists from Personalis are presenting at the 2015 American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting taking place in Baltimore, MD.

Next-generation sequencing is increasingly used to support immuno-oncology studies. However, typical NGS cancer offerings fall short for immuno-oncology in a number of areas including sequence biases, gaps in gene coverage, narrow gene footprint, limited validation studies, lack of support for paired tumor/normal analysis, and lack of integrated RNA analysis. Personalis addresses these issues with proprietary Accuracy and Content Enhanced (ACE) technology to improve cancer panel, exome, and transcriptome sequencing. ACE fills in systematic NGS sequencing gaps through Personalis’ enhanced targeted enrichment approach which optimizes sample prep and targeted capture in difficult to sequence regions such as regions of high-GC content. The ACE cancer exome and ACE cancer panel augment over 1600 cancer and immuno-oncology genes as well as key non-coding regions. High coverage ACE sequencing data provides sensitive detection of small variants and CNVs at low allele frequencies. In addition, RNA data from the same sample, targeted to the same gene set, is used to quantify gene expression—critical for immune-oncology applications—in addition to detecting gene fusions and confirming allelic expression. ACE ImmunoID features leading edge informatics pipelines supporting both RNA and DNA analysis as well as tumor normal analysis to aid in the detection of neoantigens. “We recognize the enormous importance of immuno-oncology research and are excited to be launching a comprehensive and accurate solution for our pharmaceutical, biotech and academic customers,” says John West, CEO of Personalis.

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Personalis, Inc. ( is a leading precision medicine company focused on advanced NGS-based clinical diagnostic, clinical trial and research services for cancer and inherited genetic disease.  Personalis also provides DNA sequencing and data analysis of human genomes.

The Personalis ACE Exome and Transcriptome technology is designed to obtain the most comprehensive and accurate tumor molecular profile for immuno-oncology applications. The company’s clinical laboratory is GCP compliant, CLIA licensed and CAP accredited.

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