Personalis at World Immunotherapy Congress USA 2019: March 3-5, 2019


Kedar Hastak, PhD
Field Application Scientist
Cancer Genomics & Immuno-Oncology

Tuesday, March 5 | 2:20 PM 

Comprehensive Immunogenomics for Biomarker Discovery from a Single Sample

  • While the success of checkpoint blockade has been promising, it’s increasingly
    apparent that predicting patient response to immunotherapies requires a more
    robust approach to tumor immunogenomics.
  • By combining highly sensitive, exome-scale DNA and RNA sequencing with
    advanced analytics, ImmunoID NeXT provides a multidimensional view of the
    tumor and the tumor microenvironment (TME) from a single sample
  • In this presentation, we’ll discuss the benefits of this unique, innovative design
    for immuno-oncology translational research including mastering challenging
    samples, utilizing optimized algorithms, and obtaining accurate genomic data for
    identifying novel biomarker signatures.