Personalis at World Immunotherapy Congress, Basel, Switzerland: OCT 29-31, 2018


Christelle Johnson

Christelle Johnson, MS, PhD
Senior Field Application Scientist
Cancer Genomics & Immuno-Oncology

Tuesday, October 30 5:20 PM 

ACE ImmunoID platform for the next generation of cancer immunotherapies and combination clinical trials

Personalis will introduce ACE ImmunoID™, a universal platform that enables comprehensive variant detection, accurate neoantigen identification, and characterization of tumor immunogenomics, with specific focus on:

  • Current limitations with conventional next generation sequencing assays and Personalis’ solutions to overcome these challenges with its Accuracy and Content Enhanced technology
  • Key considerations for designing rapid, patient-centric processes for neoantigen-based cancer vaccine clinical trials and combination therapies
  • A case study demonstrating the platform’s applicability in identifying multidimensional biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy