Personalis at World CDx: September 29-30, 2021


Erin Newburn, PhD
Dawn McHugh

Wednesday, SEP 29 | 2:00 PM EDT

Presentation Title: The Personalis NeXT PlatformTM for Oncology Precision Medicine 
Presenters: Erin Newburn, PhD and Dawn McHugh

  • Overview of the Personalis NeXT PlatformTM
    • The augmented Whole Exome/Whole Transcriptome NGS solution, that leverages comprehensive, advanced analytics, and is future proofed for existing biomarkers, next generation biomarkersand CDx
  • NeXT Generation CDx with the Personalis NeXT Platform
    • Beyond panel based TMB: exome-wide TMB and composite biomarker analysis with NEOPSTM
    • Known and novel gene fusion detection with transcriptome analysis

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