Personalis at Rational Combinations 360°: September 13-14, 2018


Erin Newburn, MS, PhD
Associate Director, Field Application Scientist

Thursday, September 13 | 1:50 PM

Demystifying Tumor Immunogenomics: Key Challenges and Solutions

Advances in immuno-oncology research have led to promising results with NGS-guided analysis for sensitive neoantigen identification as well as for the discovery of novel biomarkers. However, standard approaches suffer from limitations. Personalis addresses these issues using its proprietary ACE ImmunoID platform, which combines augmented exome and transcriptome sequencing with advanced analytics. We’ll share data that demonstrates the technical characteristics with an overview of the analytical validation, bioinformatics pipeline, neoantigen prediction and immunogenomics reporting capabilities.  Additionally, we will be sharing a case study demonstrating ACE ImmunoID’s further utility in biomarker discovery through identifying methods of tumor escape in patients treated with checkpoint modulators.