Personalis at Neoantigen Based Therapies Summit US: NOV 4-5, 2020


Sean Michael Boyle, PhD
Sr. Director, Bioinformatics Applications
Personalis, Inc.

Wednesday, NOV 4 | 10:00 AM Eastern

ImmunoID NeXT: A Comprehensive Platform for Immuno-Oncology – Improving Neoantigen Prediction, Evaluating Tumor Dynamics, and Profiling Tumor Heterogeneity

  • Improving neoantigen presentation prediction – Accurately profiling neoantigens through machine learning built upon high-quality mono-allelic immuno-peptidomics data
  • Profiling cell free DNA at exome scale to comprehensively identify and monitor neoantigens and tumor escape mechanisms
  • Monitoring the tumor microenvironment to measure immune status

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