Personalis at Immuno-Oncology 360 – 2020: February 26-28


Erin Newburn, MS, PhD
Associate Director, Field Application Scientist

Thursday, February 27 | 2:40 PM

Comprehensive Immunogenomics to Enable Composite Biomarkers for Immunotherapy Response

  • Predicting patient response to immunotherapies requires a robust approach to tumor immunogenomics
  • By combining highly sensitive, exome-scale DNA and RNA sequencing with advanced analytics, ImmunoID NeXT provides a broad view of the tumor and the immune-related components of the tumor microenvironment from a single sample preparation
  • In this presentation, we’ll discuss the benefits of this unique, innovative design for immuno-oncology translational research including mastering challenging samples, utilizing optimized algorithms, and obtaining accurate genomic data for identifying novel composite biomarkers

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