Personalis at Immuno Series US: October 15-16, 2020


Kedar Hastak

Kedar Hastak, PhD
Senior Field Application Scientist

Friday, October 16 | 11:00 AM Pacific

Maximizing immunotherapy biomarker discovery with a multidimensional tumor immunogenomics platform

More accurate, predictive biomarker analysis may assist in the selection of effective combinatorial immunotherapy treatments for patients.  Additionally, the complexity of both the tumor and tumor microenvironment suggests a comprehensive approach is needed for robust characterization of the cancer ecosystem. The search continues to ascertain biomarkers that will improve the selection of patients who will best respond to immunotherapies and help tailor these promising treatments.

By combining highly sensitive, exome-scale DNA and RNA sequencing with advanced analytics, ImmunoID NeXT provides a multidimensional view of the tumor and the tumor microenvironment (TME) from a single sample preparation.  The platform investigates key aspects of immuno-oncology; from elucidating mechanisms of tumor escape and detecting neoantigens, to identifying novel biomarker signatures and characterizing the immune repertoire. This presentation will focus on the current challenges facing investigators in immuno-oncological translational research including maximizing data generation from a single sample and the analysis of complex data.

We will feature a case study demonstrating the ability of this immunogenomics profiling platform to uncover tumor escape mechanisms and to identify composite biomarkers of potentially greater predictive capacity from patients treated with immune checkpoint blockade.

Additionally, we’ll introduce NeXT Liquid Biopsy, an exome-wide liquid biopsy approach combined with ImmunoID NeXT™, to further explore critical areas of tumor biology. We’ll also highlight the comprehensive bioinformatics reporting and various analytical modules delivered with this innovative platform.

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