Personalis at ICI-IO Combinations Summit: March 19-21, 2019


Christelle Johnson

Christelle Johnson, PhD
Senior Field Application Scientist
Cancer Genomics & Immuno-Oncology

Wednesday, March 20  | 2:30 PM 

Challenges and Solutions: Enabling multidimensional tumor immunogenomics for advancing biomarker discovery

  • Insight into the complex and dynamic interactions between the tumor and immune cells of the microenvironment is essential for cancer immunotherapy biomarker discovery
  • Purpose built for precision oncology, the ImmunoID NeXT Platform investigates key areas of tumor biology; from elucidating mechanisms of tumor escape and detecting neoantigens, to characterizing the immune repertoire and identifying novel biomarker signatures
  • We’ll discuss the current challenges facing investigators in immuno-oncology translational research including maximizing data generation from a single sample and the analysis of complex data