Personalis at ICI Europe Summit 2018, Berlin: November 28-29


Wednesday, November 28 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Erin Newburn

Enabling Multidimensional Biomarker Discovery: Interrogating the Tumor, its Microenvironment, and Neoantigens with ACE ImmunoID

  • Introduce ACE ImmunoID as a universal platform for immuno-oncology and rational combination therapy development
  • Overcoming common NGS challenges from poor sample quality and quantity, to sequencing gaps, for more precise and complete genomic data
  • Facilitating comprehensive tumor immunogenomic characterization with integrated analytics for neoantigens, HLA, immunomodulators, adaptive and innate immunity, cytokines and chemokines, cytotoxicity, and mechanisms of tumor escape

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