Personalis at Advances in Immuno-Oncology USA Congress 2018: OCT 11-12


Kedar Hastak, PhD
Field Application Scientist
Cancer Genomics & Immuno-Oncology

Friday, October 12 9:30 AM

Overcoming the Challenges of Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Discovery: From Sample to Development

Searching for more accurate predictors of patient response to cancer immunotherapy may depend on finding the right combination of biomarkers, yet few approaches enable multi-dimensional biomarker analysis.

  • This presentation will feature Personalis ACE ImmunoID™, combined whole exome and transcriptome sequencing, with analytics that elucidate neoantigens, tumor escape, and the tumor microenvironment
  • Learn how this solution can be used to overcome the challenges of gaining high quality data from degraded samples and decreases the risk of missed variants
  • Featuring a case study demonstrating the ability of this immunogenomics profiling platform to uncover tumor escape mechanisms