NGS-based Tumor Profiling: Lab, Clinic & Patient Perspectives

This presentation covers comprehensive tumor characterization solutions for clinical trials, cancer research and immune-oncology, including: specific challenges in sequencing and analyzing tumors for neoantigen identification; key differentiators of the ACE IThree speakers from NSGC’s Annual Education Conference 2016 present key challenges associated with NGS-based tumor profiling. Learning objectives include:

1. Define the conditions and logistical considerations for somatic tumor testing and summarize what the results of somatic tumor testing mean for your patients

  • The goal of somatic tumor testing
  • Sample types required
  • Reasons for testing
  • Published guidelines for testing

2. Examine some of the challenges associated with somatic tumor testing including the significance and ethical considerations regarding pathogenic germline variants

  • FFPE samples
  • Tumor purity & heterogeneity
  • Evaluating clinically relevant vs. VUS results
  • How germline pathogenic variants are detected/reported
  • Ethical considerations regarding pathogenic germline variants