NeXT Personal™

The Next Generation in Molecular Residual Disease Testing and Variant Monitoring for Solid Tumors

Delivering Industry-Leading Sensitivity to Detect Residual Disease and Recurrence at the Earliest Timepoints

NeXT Personal, an advanced, personalized, and tumor-informed liquid biopsy assay, is designed to detect molecular residual disease (MRD) and cancer recurrence at the earliest timepoints — prior to, during or after treatment — in patients previously diagnosed with cancer. While circulating tumor-derived DNA (ctDNA) is an emerging biomarker for many cancers, the limited sensitivity of current detection methods reduces its utility for diagnosing MRD across a variety of clinical applications. Standard-of-care (SOC) radiological-based technologies, including CT, PET and MRI scans, also remain limited in their ability to detect residual disease during or after surgical or systemic therapy due to the minimum tumor volume required. Therefore reliable, sensitive detection and quantification of MRD remains a key challenge, particularly in early-stage cancers, where timely detection of small micrometastatic lesions may enable treatment that prevents progression to advanced metastatic, incurable disease. To address these challenges, NeXT Personal was developed to deliver industry-leading MRD sensitivity in the range of 1-3 parts per million (PPM) representing a 10X-100X increase over other available methods, while requiring only a single tube of blood (4mL plasma/15ng cfDNA), and 1mm3 of FFPE tumor tissue.