NeXT Liquid Biopsy

It’s Time to Think About More.
High-Performance Whole Exome Sequencing from Plasma.

Complementing Tumor Tissue Profiling with Plasma-based Global Resolution

NeXT Liquid Biopsy™, a high-performance, exome-wide liquid biopsy assay, is designed to complement Personalis’ flagship tissue-based immunogenomics platform, ImmunoID NeXT™, to further enhance the development of more efficacious cancer therapies in advanced solid tumor indications. While solid tumor biopsies remain the gold-standard for the interrogation of the cancer genome, the advent of liquid biopsies and multi-region tissue sampling has demonstrated that there can be more to a cancer’s genomic profile than that found in a single tissue biopsy. However, the liquid biopsy alone may not capture all tumor variants if healthy cancer cells do not shed their contents into blood circulation. Thus, the combination of NeXT Liquid Biopsy and ImmunoID NeXT delivers the most comprehensive view of a cancer’s mutational landscape by evaluating both the tissue and the blood.