Deep Sequencing
~2,000X mean coverage across the entire ~20,000-gene DNA footprint, as well as boosted
~5,000 mean coverage across ~247 cancer-related genes to deliver enhanced sensitivity.
Augmented Coverage
NeXT Liquid Biopsy utilizes our proprietary ACE Technology to provide augmented coverage of difficult-to-sequence gene regions across the entire ~20,000-gene footprint.
Advanced Error Suppression
Our robust variant filtration process integrates both proprietary and publicly-available tools to generate high-confidence variant calls and reduce background noise attributed to normal circulating DNA.
Fully Integrated with ImmunoID NeXT
Variants detected from both the tissue and plasma, and at all timepoints, are integrated into a single report, facilitating the interrogation of the entire mutational landscape at baseline, and the longitudinal analysis of both plasma-specific and tissue-specific alterations.
De Novo and Monitoring Analysis Modes
De Novo mode reports plasma-specific variants at all time points, while Monitoring mode reports variants found in the solid tumor and/or at previous timepoints, which is important for longitudinally tracking therapy response and tumor evolution.
Compatible Sample Requirements
Personalis’ protocols enable flexible sample formats – blood, plasma, or cell-free DNA – to be processed within the lab, requiring as little as 50ng cfDNA per sample.