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Join us as we present at upcoming conferences:

  • ASCO Annual Meeting, Online  | May 29-June 2
  • Precision: Breast Cancer Summit, Online  | June 16-17
  • AACR Virtual Annual Meeting II, Online  | June 22-24
  • Precision: Colorectal Cancer Summit, Online  | July 14-15

Solutions for
Biomarker Discovery

ImmunoID NeXT™ 

The Universal Cancer Immunogenomics Platform

ImmunoID NeXT brochure cover

EACR 2020
Virtual Congress

Enabling Composite Biomarker Discovery for Precision Cancer Therapy with an Enhanced Exome and Transcriptome Platform

Erin Newburn, PhD
Director, Field Applications Scientist

Solutions for
Biomarker Discovery

RepertoireID™ for ImmunoID NeXT™

Comprehensive Profiling of the TCR Repertoire

RepertoireID for ImmunoID NeXT

Breast Cancer Summit

Enabling multidimensional tumor immunogenomics for advancing biomarker discovery

Christelle Johnson, PhD
Sr. Field Applications Scientist

Solutions for
Biomarker Discovery


Comprehensive immunogenomics characterization


Comprehensive Immunogenomics to Enable Composite Biomarkers for Immunotherapy Response

Erin Newburn, MS, PhD
Associate Director, Field Applications Scientist

Solutions for
Personalized Cancer Vaccines

NeoantigenID™ for ImmunoID NeXT™

Comprehensive identification of putative neoantigens

NeoantigenID for ImmunoID NeXT data sheet

Virtual Meeting 2020

Scientific Presentations at AACR II Virtual Meeting

Multiple Abstract Poster Presentations

Solutions for
Biomarker Discovery

Advanced Analytics to Power your Biomarker Strategy