Personalis Introduces New Services for Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

Exome/Panel DNA/RNA Portfolio Focuses on More Than 1,300 Protein-coding Genes and More Than 200 miRNA Genes Related to Cancer

Menlo Park, CA and San Diego, CA | October 20, 2014 – Personalis, Inc., a leading genomics-based service provider, today announced it is launching an expanded portfolio of cancer research solutions based on its ACE (Accuracy and Content Enhanced) sequencing, informatics and content technology platform. Scientists from Personalis presented the new portfolio of cancer research solutions this weekend to attendees at the 2014 American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting taking place through Wednesday in San Diego.

At the center of Personalis’ cancer research products is a core set of more than 1,300 protein-coding genes and more than 200 miRNA genes related to cancer. This gene set provides more coverage of gene pathways and functions known to be involved in cancer biology than any other commercially available panel. Personalis supports this common gene set in both panel and exome configurations. Both combine DNA and RNA assays, which can be performed from a single common sample, and use Personalis ACE technology to improve coverage uniformity and complete the sequencing of difficult genes. Both configurations also include key content outside the coding regions.

The ACE Exome for Cancer provides data from the common gene set in the broader context of more than 8,000 medically related genes with augmented coverage, and 20,000 genes overall. The ACE Extended Cancer Panel targets the same broad cancer gene set, but achieves over 500x average sequencing coverage, for optimum sensitivity to alleles from rare cell subpopulations. Personalis offers this end-to-end service starting with a broad range of sample types, including FFPE blocks, Fine Needle Aspirates, core biopsies and fresh frozen tissue.

By combining DNA and RNA analysis, Personalis provides a comprehensive tumor genomic profile. DNA and RNA assays are matched to cover the same gene sets, either at the exome level or the panel level. Personalis’ cancer data analysis pipeline integrates the DNA and RNA results, providing a more comprehensive understanding than would be possible from either independently. This includes detection of fusion transcripts and allelic expression, as well as gene expression. None of these would be well reported with DNA analysis alone.

More information, including a comprehensive brochure detailing these new offerings is available for download at:

Research Use Only

Personalis’ genetic testing services for cancer applications are being initially offered for research use only. They have not yet been CLIA validated, and they have not been submitted for review by the US FDA or any other regulatory agency.


About Personalis, Inc.

Personalis, Inc. ( is a leading precision medicine company focused on advanced NGS-based clinical diagnostic, clinical trial and research services for cancer and inherited genetic disease.  Personalis also provides DNA sequencing and data analysis of human genomes.

The Personalis ACE Exome and Transcriptome technology is designed to obtain the most comprehensive and accurate tumor molecular profile for immuno-oncology applications. The company’s clinical laboratory is GCP compliant, CLIA licensed and CAP accredited.

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