Jen Temple
Senior Director, Corporate Communications

New Personalis HQ Scales for Dx and Pharma Businesses

Fremont Facility Supports Future Growth with 100,000 Square Feet, Tripling Capacity

Personalis celebrated the opening of its new 100,000 square-foot headquarters in Fremont, California this week, ushering in the next phase of the company’s growth. By more than tripling the size of its facility in the Bay Area, Personalis is well-positioned to scale its pharmaceutical and diagnostics businesses.

“This is an exciting time for Personalis as we aim to transform the active management of cancer,” said John West, CEO. “Once a person has been diagnosed, we want to help oncologists catch recurrence at the earliest possible time point. Our personalized testing has the potential to detect that sooner than any other offering today. Often, too, there’s not a lot of information about how a patient is responding to treatment. Has the tumor changed in some way, and if so, is there a more effective treatment? We believe cancer can be more actively managed over the long-term, with less uncertainty and with better outcomes.”

Personalis Board Chair, Karin Eastham, who also spoke at the opening event, said, “This new, more modern and architecturally stunning space will serve as a fitting backdrop for the innovative work the team will perform as it progresses toward achieving Personalis’s vision of pharma and diagnostics businesses benefitting synergistically from a common base of increasingly advanced technologies.” Other board members who joined the celebration included Blaine Bowman, Olivia Bloom, Ken Ludlum, Woody Myers, and Lonnie Shoff.

The company selected its new HQ building in Fremont not only for the additional space, but also for the ability to completely renovate from scratch.

According to West, “We will have much more lab room, not only for operations, but also for R&D and process development. We will be able to have separate labs for tissue samples and for liquid biopsy samples – which is important because the amount of DNA in a liquid biopsy sample is so tiny that we need special precautions to avoid contamination. We have also been able to design the facilities to meet what we expect to eventually be FDA requirements. And, the initial lease is for 13 years, so we should have the stability we need for regulatory compliance.”

Fremont Mayor Lily Mei recognized the company’s move during the event, speaking to the city’s rich ecosystem of 150 life sciences and biotech companies. The area continues to grow this innovation economy with support from the city’s leadership.  

Mayor Mei was joined by Vice Mayor Teresa Ken, Council member Raj Salwan, Economic Development Director, Donovan Lazaro, and others representing the City of Fremont. Other attendees included legislative staff from the offices of Sen. Padilla, Rep. Swalwell and Rep. Eshoo, as well as building partners representing realty and brokerage, planning, construction, and design from Crew Universal, GCI, and OFC-Solutions among others.

Eastham added, “I can’t think of a more fitting place to continue on our journey than the city of Fremont, known for welcoming and cultivating innovation, diversity, sustainability and economic vibrance. Personalis will no doubt contribute to and benefit greatly from this remarkable community.”

The move to Fremont will be completed in 2023 as some lab operations will continue in Menlo Park for continuity and to enable validation. 

John West commemorates the opening of the new facility with Fremont officials including Vice Mayor Teresa Keng, Mayor Lily Mei, and Councilmember Raj Salwan, as well as Personalis Board Chair, Karin Eastham
Mayor Lily Mei presented Personalis with recognition from the City of Fremont in honor of its move