Biomarker Discovery Solutions for Lymphoma & Multiple Myeloma

Comprehensive Characterization of Genetic Events With Combinatorial DNA and RNA Profiling
Travis Yates, PhD
Field Application Scientist
Lymphoma and multiple myeloma account for more than 65 percent of newly diagnosed hematological cancer cases. The genetic landscape of these lymphoid malignancies is complex, and the spectrum of mutations observed in these malignancies is highly variable ranging from translocations, insertions and deletions (indels), single nucleotide variations (SNVs), and copy number alterations (CNAs). Limited sample quantity and type of banked samples (such as FFPE and FNA) pose a huge challenge for conventional NGS assays to comprehensively profile these cancers, thereby limiting the scope of biomarker discovery. ImmunoID NeXT employs a sample-sparing approach, configured to work with limited and difficult sample types to perform dual DNA and RNA extraction from the same sample, enabling simultaneous detection of a wide spectrum of genomic alterations and providing the opportunity to discover multiple biomarkers from the same sample using a single platform.