HubXchange Immuno-Oncology East – May 17


Erin Newburn, PhD

Erin Newburn, PhD
Sr. Director, Field Applications Scientist
Personalis, Inc.

Tuesday, May 17 | 4:10 PM EDT

A high sensitivity, tumor-informed liquid biopsy platform, designed to detect minimal residual disease at part per million resolution

Tumor-informed liquid biopsy approaches have proven promising for detecting minimal residual disease (MRD) and recurrence of cancer following surgical resection or other therapy. However, current liquid biopsy MRD assays typically detect ctDNA in a range above 30 to 300 parts per million (PPM), leaving a significant fraction of MRD cases undetected, particularly soon after surgery and in early-stage cancers where ctDNA can be at very low levels. To address this, Personalis has developed NeXT Personal™, a tumor-informed liquid biopsy assay that achieves sensitivity down to 1 PPM, therefore enabling earlier detection of MRD and recurrence.

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