The Personalis Mission
To transform the development of next-generation cancer therapies by providing more comprehensive molecular data about each patient’s tumor.
Elucidating Complex Biology in the Immuno-Oncology Era
Effectively predicting response to emerging precision oncology therapies — and developing new ones — requires a more comprehensive approach to tumor immunogenomics. By providing the most extensive molecular view of a patient’s tumor and characterizing its interplay with the immune system, the Personalis NeXT Platform™ enables the identification of next-generation composite biomarkers, with the ultimate goal of bringing the revolutionary potential of precision medicine to more cancer patients. Through partnerships with some of the world’s largest and most innovative biopharmaceutical companies, Personalis aids in the development of safer, more effective precision cancer therapies, immunotherapies, and personalized medicines.

ImmunoID NeXT™

The Universal Cancer Immunogenomics Platform

ImmunoID NeXT is the first platform to enable the comprehensive analysis of both a tumor and its microenvironment from a single sample. Providing genomic information for all ~20,000 genes, ImmunoID NeXT consolidates multiple oncology biomarker assays into one – maximizing the biological insights gained from a single sample. When specimens are limited, researchers must make difficult decisions regarding which biomarkers to analyze.
With ImmunoID NeXT, this problem is a thing of the past.

A Single Platform. A Single Sample. Multiple Biomarkers.

NeXT Personal™

The Next Generation in Molecular Residual Disease Testing and Variant Monitoring for Solid Tumors

NeXT Personal, an advanced, personalized, and tumor-informed liquid biopsy assay, is designed to detect molecular residual disease (MRD) and cancer recurrence at the earliest timepoints — prior to, during or after treatment — in patients previously diagnosed with cancer. A unique, multifunctional panel design enables simultaneous variant monitoring over time in addition to MRD, offering an unprecedented look into tumor biology.

Detect cancer recurrence earlier with industry-leading performance.

Predictive & Prognostic
Biomarker Discovery

ImmunoID NeXT provides a multidimensional view of the tumor and the TME, empowering our partners to extract the most information from the least amount of sample.

Personalized Cancer
Therapeutic Development

Personalis is the premier partner for the identification of neoantigens at the preclinical, clinical trial, and post-approval stages of the drug development process.

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