Genomics Solutions for Neoantigen Based Cancer Therapies

High quality, comprehensive genomic data and analytics for personalized cancer therapy development

Enabling Truly Personalized Neoantigen Based Cancer Therapies

The first step of developing personalized cancer therapeutics is the identification of patient-specific neoantigens. With ImmunoID NeXT™, our partners can utilize our proprietary methods for predicting which neoantigens are more likely to elicit an immune response.

ImmunoID NeXT delivers high quality, exome-scale analysis of both DNA and RNA to guide the development of personalized cancer vaccines and personalized adoptive cellular therapies. The entire workflow is optimized to ensure that expedited turnaround timelines are routinely met for personalized cancer therapy development. The added regulatory support and quality assurance processes aid in sample compliance and facilitate the implementation of the platform in all phases of drug development from translational research, clinical trials, and, when applicable, post-approval and beyond.