The use of single-analyte biomarkers (e.g. PD-L1 expression) has yielded modest results in the quest to accurately predict which patients are likely to respond (or not) to immunotherapies and their combinations with other treatment modalities. In the immunotherapy age, it’s clear that more effective patient stratification techniques will require the integration of multiple biomarkers that not only molecularly profile a given patient’s tumor, but that also reveal how the host’s immune system is reacting to – and interacting with – that tumor.

At Personalis, we believe that such an approach will deliver the benefits of the immuno-oncology revolution to a greater proportion of patients. With the comprehensive tumor- and immune-related biomarker information that’s generated by the NeXT Platform, combined with our advanced, customizable, and integrative analytic capabilities, we can help our biopharmaceutical partners identify composite biomarkers to improve upon the predictive power of single-analyte approaches, and ultimately bring the potential of immunotherapy to more cancer patients.