5 Oct, 2017

Reliable Delivery Powered by Advanced Technology

Our CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified Laboratory is equipped with robots for efficient scale up, our custom Genomics Workflow Management System, Symphony, and the latest technology including Illumina NovaSeq Instruments to ensure your projects are delivered with reliable high quality and rapid timelines. Arrival: The moment samples arrive at our CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory, the samples are given a [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Unlock the power of DNA

Powered by our ACE Technology, our DNA Assays provide more uniform coverage at high depths than standard assays. Specifically, our ACE-enabled assays outperform conventional exome assays by enhances coverage across coding regions and supplementing more complex areas in the genomic architecture such as GC-rich content. The Personalis solution  provides targeted sequencing to augment coverage gaps [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Better NGS data starts with better processes

Our patented ACE™ (Accuracy and Content Enhanced) Technology is the foundation of ImmunoID NeXT and all proprietary Personalis products. ACE improves processes from nucleic acid preparation, to sequencing, to analytics for superior sequencing results. Nucleic Acid Extraction and Sample Preparation Personalis has developed protocols to overcome the challenges of working with difficult samples including FFPE, [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Technology Overview

A Culture of Rigorous Innovation We’re always striving to do better and build solutions that accelerate the discovery of new biomarkers, and the development and commercialization of next-gen cancer immunotherapies. From improved processes, to advanced assays and analytics, to investing in the latest technology to help scale efficiently, we’re helping biopharma harness the power of [...]

2 Aug, 2017

Data Deliverables

DNA Analysis RNA Analysis Raw data files: FASTQ, BAM files Somatic variant (SNVs, indels) analysis and report: VCF file Somatic CNV Reports and Plots LOH Reports and Plots (exome only) Somatic variant annotation: VAR file Filtering and annotation of variants by cancer relevance and frequency Quality Control report and Statistical Summary Report Raw data files: [...]

2 Aug, 2017

General Research Solutions

Next-generation Sequencing Research Solutions Overview With Personalis’ extensive suite of advanced genomics and analytics offerings, drug developers can maximize the potential of their pipeline. We offer broad-content next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays that enable the generation and interpretation of high-quality molecular data to drive discovery, preclinical, clinical and translational research programs across many disease areas. Personalis’ [...]

20 Jul, 2017

Immuno-Oncology Overview

Clinical and biomarker discovery studies are aggressively investigating many areas of immuno-oncology including cancer vaccines, checkpoint inhibitors, adoptive T cell transfer, combination therapies, and biomarkers for predicting patient response. ACE ImmunoID is a comprehensive immunogenomics platform that enables researchers to overcome the following challenges of complex immuno-oncology research: Discovery of neoantigens, biomarkers, and genomic signatures. [...]

8 Jul, 2017

ACE Cancer Research Transcriptome

The same accuracy and coverage enhancements demonstrated by the ACE Cancer Research Exome (see above) are also incorporated into RNA analysis using our ACE Cancer Research Transcriptome enrichment protocol. Many clinical studies depend on tissue archives that have been fixed using FFPE procedures. This preservation process makes it difficult to obtain a pure sample and [...]

8 Jul, 2017

ACE Cancer Research Exome

Using our patented ACE Technology, the ACE Cancer Research Exome outperforms conventional exome assays by augmenting coverage across intronic and difficult-to-sequence (high-GC content) regions, ensuring the capture of variants that would be otherwise missed. Key features: Even coverage across all exons (>20,000 genes) and enhanced coverage of >8,000 biomedically-important genes, including >1,400 cancer-related genes. Augmentation [...]

8 Jul, 2017

ACE Extended Cancer Panel for RNA

The ACE Extended Cancer Panel for RNA provides unparalleled detection of unique variant types that are not identifiable by DNA sequencing analysis alone. The assay identifies gene expression levels, gene fusions, SNVs and indels in over 1,400 cancer-associated genes.  This panel enables extensive gene fusion discovery of both clinically actionable* fusions involving critical genes such [...]

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