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2 Aug, 2017

Data Deliverables

DNA Analysis RNA Analysis Raw data files: FASTQ, BAM files Somatic variant (SNVs, indels) analysis and report: VCF file Somatic CNV Reports and Plots LOH Reports and Plots (exome only) Somatic variant annotation: VAR file Filtering and annotation of variants by cancer relevance and frequency Quality Control report and Statistical Summary Report Raw data files: [...]

8 Jul, 2017

ACE Cancer Research Transcriptome

The same accuracy and coverage enhancements demonstrated by the ACE Cancer Research Exome (see above) are also incorporated into RNA analysis using our ACE Cancer Research Transcriptome enrichment protocol. Many clinical studies depend on tissue archives that have been fixed using FFPE procedures. This preservation process makes it difficult to obtain a pure sample and [...]

8 Jul, 2017

ACE Cancer Research Exome

Using our patented ACE Technology, the ACE Cancer Research Exome outperforms conventional exome assays by augmenting coverage across intronic and difficult-to-sequence (high-GC content) regions, ensuring the capture of variants that would be otherwise missed. Key features: Even coverage across all exons (>20,000 genes) and enhanced coverage of >8,000 biomedically-important genes, including >1,400 cancer-related genes. Augmentation [...]

8 Jul, 2017

ACE Extended Cancer Panel for RNA

The ACE Extended Cancer Panel for RNA provides unparalleled detection of unique variant types that are not identifiable by DNA sequencing analysis alone. The assay identifies gene expression levels, gene fusions, SNVs and indels in over 1,400 cancer-associated genes.  This panel enables extensive gene fusion discovery of both clinically actionable* fusions involving critical genes such [...]

8 Jul, 2017

ACE Extended Cancer Panel for DNA

The ACE Extended Cancer Panel covers a core set of over 1,400 cancer-related genes including clinically actionable* genes and genes that have been identified in the literature. It provides robust coverage of gene pathways and functions known to be involved in cancer biology and can be used to identify SNVs, indels, and copy number alterations. The [...]

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