20 Jul, 2017

Immuno-Oncology Overview

Clinical and biomarker discovery studies are aggressively investigating many areas of immuno-oncology including cancer vaccines, checkpoint inhibitors, adoptive T cell transfer, combination therapies, and biomarkers for predicting patient response. ACE ImmunoID is a comprehensive immunogenomics platform that enables researchers to overcome the following challenges of complex immuno-oncology research: Discovery of neoantigens, biomarkers, and genomic signatures. [...]

8 Jul, 2017


HLA-Typing is critical for neoantigen characterization. Our validated HLA* typing assay combines data from our ACE ImmunoID and uses our proprietary pipeline to accurately make calls for Class I and select Class II HLA. *Cite ASHI ARB minimum guidelines for NGS HLA validation Specifications Accuracy* HLA-A 98% HLA-B 98% HLA-C 98%* DRB1 98%* HLA-DRB3-5 90%* [...]

8 Jul, 2017


Leveraging our enhanced exome and transcriptome, we’ve applied these assays for deeper bioinformatics analysis to accurately predict neoantigens.  Using neoantigens as a predictor for determining likelihood of response to immunotherapies is one exciting application (Rizvi et al., 2015), but also using these analyses to develop personalized cancer vaccines is increasingly critical.  Although standard research pipelines [...]

6 Jul, 2017


Cancer biology is inherently complicated and content rich assays such as ACE ImmunoID provide an expansive dataset to aid in understanding the individual tumor’s biology. ImmunogenomicsID is an optional output of the ACE ImmunoID Platform. This annotated report provides deeper insights into the tumor biology of a sample, focusing on critical areas such as Tumor [...]

6 Jul, 2017

Ace ImmunoID Sequencing Platform

The ACE ImmunoID Platform combines the ACE Cancer Exome and ACE Cancer Transcriptome assays to enable broad tumor immunogenomic characterization. ACE ImmunoID includes comprehensive bioinformatics reporting, provided for both DNA and RNA, utilizing our robust somatic pipelines. The platform can be further customized based on your unique research and project needs by using NeoantigenID to [...]

8 Jun, 2017

Data Deliverables Immuno

DNA Analysis RNA Analysis Raw data files: FASTQ, BAM files Somatic variant (SNVs, indels) analysis and report: VCF file Somatic variant annotation: VAR file Filtering and annotation of variants by cancer relevance and frequency Quality Control report and Statistical Summary Report Raw data files: FASTQ, BAM files Variant (SNVs, indels) analysis: VCF file Gene-associated variant [...]

29 Mar, 2017

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