10 Dec, 2018

2018 AACR: Deconvolution of Diverse Immune Cell Populations within Tumors using ACE Transcriptome

2018 AACR: Deconvolution of diverse immune cell populations within tumors using ACE Transcriptome Comprehensive tumor immuno-genomic characterization is becoming an important tool for identifying new biomarkers correlated with patient response to immunotherapy. Both the abundance and composition of tumor-infiltrating immune cells have been associated with tumor progression and patient outcome. There is interest in [...]

7 Jul, 2017

2017 AACR: Accurately Identifying Neoantigens Utilizing Both DNA and RNA Somatic Variants in an Enhanced Platform

The identification of neoantigens is a crucial step in the development of neoantigen-based personalized cancer vaccines and other immunotherapies.