Data Sheet

2 Nov, 2021


InfiltrateID™ Quantification of the Immunocellular Content in the Tumor Microenvironment The emergence and success of immuno-oncology drugs in the treatment of several cancer types has transformed clinical practice. However, many patients do not respond to these drugs, compelling researchers and clinicians to broaden their search for biomarkers that can better [...]

6 Oct, 2020

SHERPA™ Bioinformatics Engine

SHERPA™ Bioinformatics Engine Systematic HLA Epitope Ranking Technologies for neoantigen discovery are critical for developing personalized cancer vaccines and neoantigen-based biomarkers. Precision neoantigen discovery entails the comprehensive detection of tumor-specific genomic variants and accurate prediction of MHC presentation of epitopes originating from such variants. Personalis’ ImmunoID NeXT™ enables a comprehensive survey [...]

2 Aug, 2020

NeXT Liquid Biopsy

NeXT Liquid Biopsy™ It’s Time to Think About More. High-Performance Whole Exome Sequencing from Plasma. Highlights Comprehensively profile the tumor, exome-wide Combined with ImmunoID NeXT™, assess tumor heterogeneity, monitor response to therapy, and interrogate mechanisms of resistance Profile with ImmunoID NeXT, Monitor with NeXT Liquid Biopsy Leverage somatic variant [...]

10 Jan, 2019


RepertoireID™ Comprehensive Profiling of the Immune Repertoire within the Tumor Microenvironment RepertoireID, an analytics module of ImmunoID NeXT™, leverages RNA expression profiles to enable the detection and analysis of the top TCRα and TCRβ clonotypes, together with BCR heavy chain (BCRh) clonotypes found in the tumor microenvironment (TME) of patients’ tumors. [...]

5 Nov, 2018


NeoantigenID™ Comprehensive Identification of Putative Neoantigens Neoantigens are mutated peptides that are expressed by tumor cells, but not by normal tissue. As a result, they can be recognized as foreign antigens by cells of the immune system — making them promising targets for personalized cancer immunotherapies such as vaccines [...]

5 Nov, 2018


ImmunogenomicsID An analytical module of the ImmunoID NeXT PlatformTM Comprehensive Immunogenomic Characterization ImmunogenomicsIDTM, an analytical module of the ImmunoID NeXT Platform, characterizes critical areas of tumor and immune biology such as the antigen processing machinery (APM), human leukocyte antigens (HLA), checkpoint modulation, tumor escape mechanisms, the adaptive and innate [...]

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