2 Jun, 2021

Pharma Research Solutions

Pharma Research Solutions Comprehensive genomics for drug discovery and preclinical development Genomic Insights for Optimizing Drug DevelopmentWith our Pharma Research Services portfolio of broad-content next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays and analytics, we can comprehensively address the needs of biopharmaceutical companies who wish to integrate high quality and high-accuracy genomic and/or transcriptomic [...]

26 Mar, 2021

Biomarker Discovery Solutions for Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma

Biomarker Discovery Solutions for Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma Comprehensive Characterization of Genetic Events With Combinatorial DNA and RNA Profiling The ImmunoID NeXT Platform® offers customers an optimized assay by combining highly-sensitive, exome-scale DNA and RNA sequencing, along with fully integrated advanced analytics to provide a multidimensional view of the [...]

27 Jan, 2021

NeXT Liquid Biopsy

NeXT Liquid Biopsy™ It’s Time to Think About More. High-Performance Whole Exome Sequencing from Plasma. Complementing Tumor Tissue Profiling with Plasma-based Global Resolution NeXT Liquid Biopsy™, a high-performance, exome-wide liquid biopsy assay, is designed to complement Personalis’ flagship tissue-based immunogenomics platform, ImmunoID NeXT™, to further enhance the development of [...]

5 Nov, 2018

ImmunoID NeXT brochure

ImmunoID NeXT™ The Universal Cancer Immunogenomics Platform Advancing Modern Precision Oncology The ImmunoID NeXT Platform is designed specifically to enable the development of more efficacious cancer immunotherapies and the next-generation of composite biomarkers to better predict patient response. While the success of checkpoint blockade has been hugely promising, it’s [...]

7 May, 2018

ACE ImmunoID

ACE ImmunoID Precision immunogenomics A universal biomarker platform for immuno-oncology Patient response to cancer immunotherapies is currently reported as falling anywhere between 8% and 20%. Understanding the mechanisms by which tumors can evade the immune response and elucidating the complex dynamics of the tumor and its microenvironment are key [...]

2 Oct, 2017

Biomarker Discovery Solutions

Biomarker Discovery Solutions ACE ImmunoID Platform for Tumor Immunogenomics When one biomarker doesn’t tell the whole story Understanding response to cancer immunotherapies involves examining the interaction between mechanisms of tumor escape, the tumor microenvironment, and neoantigens. Gaining these molecular insights often requires analyzing data sourced from multiple platforms [...]

1 Oct, 2017

Genomics Solutions for Neoantigen Based Cancer Therapies

Genomics Solutions for Neoantigen Based Cancer Therapies High quality, comprehensive genomic data and analytics for personalized cancer therapy development The first step of developing personalized cancer therapeutics is the identification of patient-specific neoantigens. With the ImmunoID NeXT™ Platform®, our partners can utilize our proprietary methods for predicting which neoantigens [...]

18 Jul, 2017

Symphony Genomics Workflow Management System: Managing, Integrating, and Delivering Your NGS Data and Results

Genomics laboratories mainly rely on manual review and updates of their laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and other independent systems to track samples, workflows, and pipeline versions.

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