30 Mar, 2017

Genomics Brings Heavy Lifting to Immuno-Oncology

The use of genomics in immuno-oncology is really exploding,” remarked Richard Chen, M.D., chief scientific officer at Personalis, a precision-medicine company utilizing next-generation sequencing-based clinical diagnostics.

3 Feb, 2017

GenomeWeb: Personalis Report Highlights Challenges in Variant Annotation

In a report in Genome Medicine last week, researchers from human genome sequencing firm Personalis shared results from their comparison of different tools for translating genomic variant data into a syntax that can be referenced across legacy transcriptomic or proteomic reports. Overall, they found there was "significant inconsistency," both from tool to tool and in comparison to existing databases.

1 Dec, 2016

Sean Parker’s big push to hack cancer takes aim at tumor ‘tags’

"This effort will help us continue to hone the neoantigen prediction methods we are using in our neoantigen-based personalized cancer vaccines partnerships and immunotherapy diagnostics," Dr. Richard Chen, Personalis' chief scientific officer said in an email to the San Francisco Business Times. "This work has the potential to be truly transformative.”

10 Dec, 2014

Advances in Exome Sequencing

Next-generation sequencing has facilitated an explosion in clinical genetic testing, and for some patients with unknown disorders for which there were previously no genetic tests available, exome sequencing is now an option.

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