Biomarker Discovery Solutions for Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma

Comprehensive Characterization of Genetic Events With Combinatorial DNA and RNA Profiling

The ImmunoID NeXT Platform® offers customers an optimized assay by combining highly-sensitive, exome-scale DNA and RNA sequencing, along with fully integrated advanced analytics to provide a multidimensional view of the underlying genetic landscape of cancer. ImmunoID NeXT employs a sample-sparing approach, configured to work with limited and difficult sample types to perform dual DNA and RNA extraction from the same sample, enabling simultaneous detection of wide spectrum of genomic alterations. Additionally, ImmunoID NeXT optimizes both genomic footprint and limits of detection with a proprietary augmentation method, enhancing the potential for the discovery of biomarkers and facilitating the characterization of otherwise seemingly identical cancers into distinct disease types with distinguishable patterns of molecular alterations.

ImmunoID NeXT, with its future-proof design, is an ideal comprehensive alternative to small pre-selected targeted panels that lack adequate genomic footprint coverage, and provides the opportunity to explore an expansive set of biomarkers using a single platform to advance therapeutic development.