Our patented ACE™ (Accuracy and Content Enhanced) Technology is the foundation of ImmunoID NeXT and all proprietary Personalis products. ACE improves processes from nucleic acid preparation, to sequencing, to analytics for superior sequencing results.

Nucleic Acid Extraction and Sample Preparation

Personalis has developed protocols to overcome the challenges of working with difficult samples including FFPE, FNAs, fresh frozen, and PBMCs.
We realize these are precious patient samples. In the past, traditional processes have required multiple samples sent to multiple vendors to obtain the data needed to meet study objectives. At Personalis, we have a simplified process using a dual simultaneous extraction of both DNA and RNA from challenging materials in a sparing manner.


Gaps or inconsistent coverage can result in missed content. Personalis ACE Technology augments sequencing gaps for more complete coverage.

Alignment and Variant Discovery

Our state-of-the-art bioinformatics pipelines are optimized for accuracy and performance, resulting in superior sequence alignments and variant calls, including improved SNV and indel detection.

Variant Annotation

We’ve implemented comprehensive annotation to overcome mapping/nomenclature issues, and errors and inconsistencies in database curation.


Data is delivered with convenient QC reports, and in specialized formats such as our NeoantigenID™, RepertoireID™, and ImmunogenomicsID™ Reports.